5 Day Full Custom Rush

Our Heartbeat

Our hearts beat for people. For the people playing the game. For their coaches and parents. And for the people who make the jerseys they order.

Resto Athletic exists as a world class manufacturer of custom dye sublimated performance wear for athletes of all skill and experience levels. From parents signing their kids up for a recreational soccer league, to semi-professional teams, to the weekend warriors getting together for the annual softball tournament, we believe that everybody on the field deserves to participate, and to look their best while doing so. We are committed to this because it is deeply rooted in our hearts.

Our hearts beat for the athletes who play. Whenever anyone contacts us, we know the stakes are high for them. Participation for a young athlete can hinge on a jersey being received in time for the season, and entire teams have forfeited matches because their jersey orders have gone unfulfilled. They need, and deserve, to look their very best. Dye sublimation technology means that the color is fused with the fabric at the molecular level, meaning that every garment we make will never chip or fade. We have a team of over 60 designers on staff dedicated to making sure the colors, design, and team names are all correct. So when you connect with us, you get a single point of contact who ensures the order is perfect. We fulfill orders quickly, and are able to do this because we own our own production facilities worldwide and fully control the printing process in house - giving our customers the fastest turnaround times possible on products made to last. Our hearts beat to serve our customers because when they call, we know it matters. So we are committed to fast and responsive person-to-person customer support available 24 hours a day. When you contact us, we give you clarity and transparency about the entire process from start to finish, and give you a direct contact that you can rely on until your order is received.

We have revolutionized this industry with top of the line dye sublimation techniques, making the highest quality custom athletic apparel available to everyone.

Our hearts beat to serve every team member we have the privilege of working alongside. Why?

Each of our employees bear the image of God. We are deeply committed to restorative entrepreneurship: hiring refugees at our facility in Kansas City, Missouri. We also own facilities in Egypt, the Philippines, and the Caribbean, paying local workers well above the industry norms - because of our deep seeded belief that every human being deserves the dignity of a living wage, simply because they are human. So we treat our team members as extensions of our family. Investing in the dignity of a human life pays huge dividends as we watch families flourish, team morale skyrocket, longevity of employee tenure increase, and personal dignity restored - financially and artistically. And in an industry that has historically treated people like a faceless number - a simple means to profit at whatever the cost - we think this outworking of restoration is a pretty big deal.

We are Resto Athletic. Dye sublimation uniforms. Custom designs. World class support. Speed to order. Innovation towards simplicity. Restorative entrepreneurship. Love for our neighbor.

This is our heartbeat.