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How does pricing and service compare to the competition?


​We don’t think you can beat our price because we are very efficient in production and you are working factory direct. The only possible reduction in price would be direct from China, Pakistan or Vietnam. These countries dye sublimate as we do – and their wages are tragically low. While you may find a slightly better price, reliability will be questionable due to the varieties of pure international manufacturing. Add on fees plus shipping and duty may also add substantially to the quoted price.

We augment our two living wage international plants (Caribbean and Egyptian) with our Kansas City plant. While KC slightly impacts our cost, you can feel great about how your product was made and rest assured that you will have timely delivery. Kansas City is the insurance policy for international issues. Owning and operating the international plants is also a big advantage in control.

You would not like our pricing if we were pure USA made, and you wouldn’t like our service if we were pure international!


​Are there up-charges that I am not seeing in my price? What about shipping?

There are no art or set-up fees (unless artwork becomes extreme) on your initial order of 10 or more pieces. We do charge for Plus Sized garments: 2x=$2, 3x=$3, 4x=$4, 5x=$5 and 6x=$6. In addition we charge .25 (a quarter) each for individual names and/or numbers on your garments.

We do charge for shipping – but we do not mark it up which is the habit of most companies. We have excellent rates and we pass them on to you. As a rule of thumb, shipping will generally run about 3% (with a minimum Fed Ex charge of $12 per box). You only pay for shipping rates based on Kansas City.

On Add-on or Fill-in follow-up orders of less than 10 units there is a set-up fee of $20 per order. Many times people join the group late and will need an a garment.

What about timeliness – How do I ensure that I will receive my product in time?

First you choose the right company. A company that TRULY cares about your deadline (Restoration Apparel Company is our recommendation :) Resto plans all production around 14 calendar days to shipment – from art approval, roster submission (quantity per size, etc.) and deposit payment. To be safe we suggest that you allow for 20 days for delivery. If you have an Absolute in-hands date 20 days or less, you must make this clear up-front in your comments on the order.

In this case you will be charged 6% of the order amount for shipping (or a minimum of $25) to allow us to use Expedited Freight Services. Normal shipping cost is around 3% of your order. If your Absolute In-Hands date is less than 15 days from payment – you must note this boldly in your comments and get approval from your representative. Then, there will be a rush fee of $3.00 per garment (or a minimum of $50 per order).

What about add-on orders – if we need an additional shirt or two later?

​This is perfectly okay and normal. We ship these orders within 1 week. There is a set-up fee of $20 per order if your add-on order is less than 10 units. If the add-on order is 10 or more units of a style – it will be priced off the price list and the set-up fee does not apply. Don’t forget the shipping for your add-ons too – which is generally the minimum Fed Ex charge of $12.

Can I combine styles or different artwork to reach order quantity price breaks?

Generally, the answer is no. Pricing is per style or graphic. So, if you order 50 short sleeve garments and 50 long sleeve garments you receive the 50 piece price on each instead of the 100 piece price.

​But can I add in a couple shirts for the coaches, or maybe a goalie shirt?

Generally, yes! in this circumstance we will allow you to add in a couple or few garments of a different variety to accommodate coaches or players on the field who wear a different style. An example might be a Basketball team that wants 2 polo shirts for their coaches. This rule presumes that the artwork is not substantially different from the standard uniforms – although the color can be different (i.e. goalie shirts).

​What if we don’t want the prescribed fabric but want to up-grade?

We try to select the best fabric for the style of garment but there are teams that want to up-grade fabrics which is perfectly fine. If you want to upgrade your garment to another fabric that is not the Prescribed fabric for the style this is perfectly okay. The pricing is as follows:

To go to 4 way stretch poly/spandex fabrics (pindot mesh or smooth) from a standard 2-way stretch: $5.00 per garment.

To go to 4.1 oz. Flatback Mesh/Birdseye pique: $1.00 per garment.

To go to 6 oz. Flatback Mesh/Birdseye pique: $3.00 per garment.

To go to pindot Mesh (4 way stretch) on the back of the shirt: $5.00.

How should we wash and care for our garments?

We always recommend washing them inside out – especially on Sweatshirts! Otherwise standard washing machine on cool or warm temperature should work fine. Line drying is preferable to tumble drying. You should be able to wash your garments many times without fading or pealing of the image. Some pilling – especially with tumble drying is normal - washing inside out helps a lot.

How do I communicate about my order throughout the process?

First, there is a tracking function on our website that allows you to type in your order/invoice number and get an email back showing the estimated ship date. Secondly, you will have a personal representative that handles your order from start to finish and they will be readily accessible by telephone, text, or email. In addition, you can always call the customer service people listed on our website. We pride our company on being very accessible.

What about fit? How do we know how the garments fit?

We try to be very true to size – so in a person that normally wears size small should order their standard size. As a general rule we cut our styles slightly on the large side versus the small side of the size – our experience is that our customers would prefer slightly loose than slightly tight so this is our goal. We also provide sizing charts so you can measure your people and determine their size. Our size charts always feature body size (not shirt size). So if you measure your waistline you can determine what size to order. Some companies feature the garment size – so its important that you note this.

We definitely do not prefer to provide sizing samples but will do so on larger orders. We charge $10 per size for these fit samples and you can return them for credit. ($15 dollars each on items like hoodies, football jerseys, and pants).


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